SFA-HQ Special Forces Association National Headquarters

SFA 6 – Camp Mackall, NC The Wheeler James Chapter

SFA 15 – San Antonio, TX The Alamo Chapter

SFA 19 – New Jersey The Ed Muller & Jim Miller Memorial Chapter

SFA 20 – Minneapolis, MN The Kenneth Worthley Memorial Chapter

SFA 21 – Fort Meyer, FL The Alamo Chapter

SFA 27 – St. Louis, MO The Martha Raye Chapter

SFA 29 – Shawnee, KS Colonel Arthur D. “Bull” Simons Memorial Chapter

SFA 33 – Cleveland TN The Larry A. Thorne Chapter

SFA 37 – Chicago, IL The MG Michael D. Healy Chapter

SFA 45 – Central Ohio Special Forces Association Ohio Chapter 45 XLV

SFA 55 – Michigan Michael F. May Memorial Chapter

SFA 60 – Tampa, FL The Richard J. Meadows Memorial Chapter

SFA 61 – Southern Pines, NC The MSG Lowell Stevens Chapter

SFA 73 – Milwaukee, WI The Great Lakes Chapter