The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Friday 20 July, 2018. The meeting will be held at the Safehouse starting at 18:30. Also on Saturday 21 July 2018, CSM (RET) Frank McFadden will host his famous Burbon and Biscuits Breakfast at the Safehouse starting about 09:30. Click on the Short Range Calendar to RSVP all events.


I’m both honored and humbled to have been elected to serve you as President of our Chapter.  I congratulate the rest of the newly elected officers and look forward to the opportunity to work with them as we serve you, our Chapter members and our efforts to support The Legion. 

I want to thank Mike and Frank for their continued counsel and assistance as they helped me to understand the functions of our Chapter and its incredible ability to support our members as well as the Soldiers and families of The Legion.  The time spent with them strengthened my dedication to you and the pillars on which our Chapter were founded; Preserving the History, Educating the Public, Continuing our Traditions, Supporting the Community and Serving the Soldiers and families.  I know I have some big shoes to fill so my promise to you is to work a little harder every day to exceed your expectations.  

Our Chapter is in an amazing place and the opportunities before us are nearly unlimited.  I look forward to what the years ahead will unfold. 

Strength and Honor 

Terry H. Pevehouse Jr.

President, Chapter 38

Special Forces Association



Chapter 38 Members,

Chapter 38 Elections have been completed and votes for some of the offices were close.  Congratulations to the newly elected officers of Chapter 38, SFA.  The are:

1.  President: Terry Pevehouse
2.  Vice President: Joel Pruitt
3.  Secretary: Mike Cunningham
4.  Assistant Secretary: Jamie Korenoski
5.  Treasurer:  Frank McFadden
6.  Quartermaster:  Heidi Hubbard

The newly elected officers will take office 1 May 2018.


POC's are is Steve Stone, Secretary, and Marvin Crist, Assistant Secretary.





quill 38

2018 Robin Moore / Karen Stone Scholarship Announcement

Chapter 38 is announcing multiple college scholarships in the following categories – General and Arts. General scholarships are open to all pursuing education outside the Arts field; the Karen Stone Arts Scholarship is designed for those pursing advanced education in the arts field. Arts disciplines will be defined as education in traditional art fields (music, visual, dance, theater), but will also include those pursuing education in architecture, media arts, and computer design.

Multiple scholarships will be awarded in the General category, but only one scholarship ($2,500) will be presented in the Arts category. Through the scoring template, the priority will go to graduating high school seniors; however, this priority should not prevent college enrollees, those previously attempted but denied, or those enrolling in post graduate education from submitting packets.

Additionally, the submission of a scholarship packet with Chapter 38 does not preclude those authorized from participating in the SFA National Education Assistance Fund – Requirements differ slightly from those of Chapter 38.

Requirements: Must be a current member, or family member of current member, of Chapter 38; or currently assigned, or family member, of a Soldier currently assigned to the 5th SFG.

To apply – the following documentation is required:
1. A written introduction letter of intent from applicant addressed to SFA 38 Scholarship Committee.
2. A. SFA Member: A recommendation letter from applicant’s sponsor (Current Chapter Member).
    B. Non – SFA Member: A sponsoring letter from a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer or Officer currently assigned (as of 14 April 2018) to the 5th SFG (affiliation will be verified).
3. 2018 High School Graduates: Current high school transcripts and an acceptance letter from your intended college of choice.
4. Under Graduate / Post Graduates: Current / most recent college transcripts.
5. Three recommendation / sponsorship letters, in addition to that previously outlined in #2; for those applying for the Karen Stone Arts Scholarship one of these letters must come from an arts instructor, teacher, coordinator in order to verify history, desire, and future intent to pursue an Arts education.
6. All required documents must be postmarked no later than 14 April 2018 to the below address.


Special Forces Association, Chapter 38
ATTN: Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 223
Fort Campbell, KY 42223

Questions regarding any requirements need to be addressed to the Scholarship Committee chairperson (Mrs. Susie Paiser) at:


greenlogo38sChapter 38 Members,

Folks for those of you who have not been at our monthly meetings; I just want to take a quick moment to paint a broad brush of how the Chapter is progressing financially since my last letter of February 2017.

Bottom line we are doing quite will; to say we've been blessed by efforts large and small is an understatement.



 Want to see some fireworks that are better than those at Fort Campbell? Then come out and watch Chapter 38's fireworks in 2018. Planning is in the initial stages as of now.  


greenlogo38sChapter 38 Members,

As you know we have lost five (5) of our young Warriors in the last four months due to combat, and accident, and cancer-all taken from their familes and their Brother's in Arms well before their times.

Throughout this time, Chapter 38 supported their families during their time of grief and the "Legion" as they prepared for each '"Warriors's Memorial" - as both our charter and honor dictates.